Virtual tour

Explore the contents of our new museum via these six short videos

Museum map

1 Introduction
Explore the Long Gallery and compare the ideals of Classical Palladian architecture with the principles of Classical ballet.

2 Timelines

Follow the history of White Lodge and its inhabitants over 300 years and the unfolding parallel with the development of Classical ballet. Tour the buildings, learn about the pointe shoe and see rare artefacts from The Royal Ballet School Collections.

3 Timelines – continued
Discover the Romantic Era of Ballet. Watch ballerina Tamara Rojo depict bygone ballet star Marie Taglioni. Encounter Anna Pavlova’s death mask.

4 The formation of The Royal Ballet School and Companies
Insights into Ballet in the 20th century including the formative years of The Royal Ballet School and Companies and the work of their founder, Dame Ninette de Valois. See archival material including an original School uniform and early film footage.

5 Temporary exhibitions and Resource Centre

See changing displays of ballet costumes and artefacts and explore our Ballet Resource Centre’s interactive database. Learn about systems of dance notation and the Five Positions of the Feet. View school records, reports of famous alumni, technical notebooks of celebrated teachers, and film footage of daily life at White Lodge ‘then and now’.

6 White Lodge then and now and our unique choreographic heritage
Find out more about life at White Lodge, The Royal Ballet’s unique choreographic heritage, and the legacy inherited by generations of dancers trained at The Royal Ballet School.