Applications & auditions

National audition tours are held at various venues throughout the UK, for full-time students and Mid and Senior Associates in the Spring term, and for Junior Associates in the Summer term. Auditions are for courses commencing the following September.

All applicants are invited to audition in a class with other candidates, which will be of 1¼ to 1½ hours’ duration.

Audition closing datesfull-time training, Mid & Senior Associates

Scheduled audition applications closed: 6th November 2015  this audition was for candidates wishing to attend a preliminary audition in person – all preliminary audition venues. 
Video audition applications closed: 8th January 2016  for non-UK candidates wishing to submit a preliminary audition by video – application must include photos and video link.

Full-time training

Our full time training takes place over two sites, at White Lodge in Richmond Park for our younger students (11-15 years) and at our Upper School in Covent Garden for the older students (16-18 years). Applications use the same process regardless of your age.

Find out more and apply for full-time training.

Associate courses

Our Associate programme is run in eight centres around the UK including: London, Birmingham, Bath, Eastleigh, Leeds, Manchester and Totnes. It includes Junior, Mid and Senior Associates (for different age groups).

Find out more and apply to become a Royal Ballet School Associate.

International Summer School 2016

Each year we offer two International Summer Schools for young dancers, with Dance Teacher Observation, from the UK and overseas.

Online application for our International Summer School 2016 opens on Monday 7 September.

Ages of entry

Ages for all applicants are as of the 31 August in the year of the course applied for.

See our age chart to check your eligibility