Applications & auditions

National audition tours are held at various venues throughout the UK, for full-time students and Mid and Senior Associates in the Spring term, and for Junior Associates in the Summer term. Auditions are for courses commencing the following September.

All applicants are invited to audition in a class with other candidates, which will be of 1¼ to 1½ hours’ duration.

Full-time training

White Lodge (Lower School): 11-15yrs and Covent Garden (Upper School): 16-18yrs
Preliminary Auditions held in January and February. Final Auditions for successful applicants held in February and March. Please see below for audition dates

International Applicants
International applicants and candidates from Scotland and Ireland may submit a DVD as a preliminary audition. Check our DVD requirements.

Private Auditions
Private auditions, for overseas students, are only granted at the discretion of the Director and are subject to timetable and staff availability. A completed application form should accompany a private audition request.

Download an audition application form

Find out our audition dates

Associate Courses

Junior Associates: 8-10 years
Junior Associate Auditions held in May and June

Mid Associates: 11-13 years and Senior Associates: 14-15 years
Mid and Senior Associate Auditions held in January and February. Please see below for audition dates.

Download a Mid and Senior Associate application form and find out related audition dates

Download a Junior Associate application form and find out related audition dates

International Summer School 2015

White Lodge Summer School: 10–14 years

Covent Garden Summer School: 15–18 years

No audition required. Selection based on photo application only.

Applications open online on 8 September 2014.
Closing Date: 1 December 2014.

Ages of Entry

Ages for all applicants are as of the 31 August in the year of the course applied for.

See our age chart to check your eligibility.