Information for applicants (Associate courses)

Our Associate programme is run in eight centres around the UK including: London, Birmingham, Bath, Eastleigh, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Totnes.

The course is designed to augment an individual’s current training while introducing them to The Royal Ballet School’s System of Training, alongside other gifted children who aspire to a career in dance. Pupils continue to study with their regular dance teacher in addition to their Associate classes

Applications for Junior Associates (8-10 years)

Junior Associate auditions are held in May and June.

All applicants within the age range that apply for our Junior Associate course will be invited to audition. Communications are sent via email and details will be sent out in audition date order. Please click here to see a list of our Junior Associate audition dates in our different centres around the country.

Applications for Mid (11-13 years) and Senior Associates (14-15 years)

Mid and Senior Associates auditions are held in January and February with an application close date in November.

Application forms become available again from September through to November 2016.

Applications for Advanced Associates (16-18 years)

Advanced Associate application forms become available just before Easter.

How to apply

Applications for our Mid & Senior Associate programmes are due to open in September. Applications for Junior Associates will open in January and Advanced Associates in late March/April.