Junior Associates audition dates

Venue Audition date Closing date
Newcastle 29 April 21 March
Manchester 30 April
1 May
 21 March
Leeds 2 May  21 March
Eastleigh 9 May  21 March
Birmingham* 14 May
15 May
 21 March
Bath 21 May  21 March
Totnes 22 May  21 March
London* 27 May
28 May
29 May
30 May
 11 April

*Class allocation is done following each closing date. The actual day of audition offered for venues with more than one day is dependent on the number of candidates applying in each age group. We will let you know at the earliest opportunity which day your child has been allocated.

For your child to be included in one of the above scheduled auditions the completed application form, photographs and £30 administration fee must reach us by the stated closing date above. Download the application form (pdf)

Incomplete forms and those of candidates not within the age requirements of the course may be returned.

Late applications: if accepted, will be subject to a £10 late administration fee.
Applications received after the close date could be offered an alternative audition
venue or returned if classes are full.