Fees 2019/20

White Lodge (11-16 years)

Tuition fees £25,632
Boarding £8,943
TOTAL £34,575

Upper School (16-19 years)

Tuition fees £19,509
Boarding £10,701
TOTAL £30,210

Additional costs for parents

In addition to the fees above, parents will need to pay for uniform and the cost of travelling to and from school each half term and exeat weekends when the school is closed.

If a student requires treatment under the school’s medical insurance there is a £100 excess (each academic year) and any costs not covered by the insurance, which we will inform you about beforehand.

At White Lodge, there are additional costs for items provided to the students by the school during the year including any uniform, shoes, school trips, and any music lessons taken. These are invoiced to parents at the end of each term.

At Upper School a portion of the fees will cover daily travel, food, and some uniform and some ballet shoes.

Students from outside the UK will require a UK guardian which may involve costs for parents. Students from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland will require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK.

For advice on obtaining your own financial support to meet the cost of your child's education, read our Fundraising Information sheet, which offers a variety of suggestions, including how to contact your Local Authority and applying for support from Trusts and Foundations, as well as how to write a press release.

How much would I pay under the Music and Dance Scheme?

The tool below offers you an indication of what you might need to pay if you receive a place at the School funded by the Music and Dance Scheme or a means-tested Bursary.

Means-testing is based on the household income of the parents (or parent/guardian and partner) who the student lives with. This income includes gross taxable income, plus any maintenance payments legally receivable from previous partners, and any salary sacrifice or pension contribution deductions. The pension schemes where contributions need adding back are final or average salary, superannuation or salary sacrifice schemes. Any bonuses, taxable capital gains and taxable redundancy payments are also included.

An allowance of £2,051 is deducted from income for each other child or dependent, although for a child at a UK university the 2017/18 tuition fees and rent can be deducted instead.

Fees Calculator