Gifts in wills

Your gift, their future.

By leaving a gift in your will to The Royal Ballet School, you can help the next generation of ballet dancers and choreographers to realise their potential.

The excellence of The Royal Ballet School’s training is recognised throughout the world. But excellence comes at a price – being the best requires the very best artistic and academic training alongside outstanding pastoral and healthcare support.

Your gift will be assigned to a Fund for the Future within our Endowment Fund, Registered Charity No: 285766, providing the School with a vital source of regular income.

Anyone can leave a gift to our Fund for the Future. It doesn’t matter how much. Every gift is valued and used wisely to make a real and lasting difference.

How your legacy gift could make a difference

Gifts in wills have played a vital role in underpinning The Royal Ballet School’s artistic, pastoral and educational mission to date. Our need for financial support is increasingly important. A gift to The Royal Ballet School in your could help us in the following ways:

Looking after the health and wellbeing of students through our Healthy Dancer Programme
Ensuring our buildings continue to provide a state-of-the-art, stable and secure environment for learning and development
Supporting a gifted student whose parents do not have the means to pay for School fees
Days out White Lodge 2019
Ensuring all students have equal access to activities and days out in their home-life

A lifetime’s enjoyment within the Dame Ninette Circle

When you include a gift to the School in your will, you become a valued member of The Royal Ballet School family – The Dame Ninette Circle. This is in fond recognition of our Founder Dame Ninette de Valois. You will enjoy a special connection with the School during your lifetime and the joy of knowing that you, like her, will be helping future generations of dancers to be the very best they can.

The Royal Ballet School encourages everyone who has already pledged a gift or is planning on doing so to let us know so that we can thank and recognise this special gift during your lifetime. We know that some people will prefer to keep their decision private, but we hope that those who have chosen to leave a gift to the School in their will would enjoy the benefits of letting us know.

As someone who has informed us of making a pledge in your will, you will join the Dame Ninette Circle and receive the following, once we have your permission:

  • Advance information and priority booking for Royal Ballet School events
  • Advance information and priority booking for the Summer Performances at Opera Holland Park and the Royal Opera House
  • An annual invitation to a special event at The Royal Ballet School. Last year this was an invitation to a ballet rehearsal of The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House, for example.
  • Termly news and updates from The Royal Ballet School

We will also show our gratitude once significant gifts left in wills have been received, with a small plaque on seats in the Linden Theatre Studio at Upper School and the Dame Margot Fonteyn Theatre Studio at Upper School.

We are always happy to discuss other ways in which we can recognise your pledge, through a named bursary fund for student sponsorship, for example.

We always recommend you prepare your will with a solicitor. This is the best way to ensure it’s accurate, legally binding and truly fulfils your wishes.

Please download our Legacy Leaflet for more information.

Find out more

If you are interested leaving a gift in your will to The Royal Ballet School and would like to discuss it further, please complete our online form or phone Judith Howard on 020 7836 8899, who will be delighted to hear from you.