Inspire seminars

Katie Davison

Inspire is a comprehensive series of six seminars for classical ballet teachers devised and delivered by The Royal Ballet School.

These innovative events will support continued professional development for dance professionals from all teaching backgrounds and societies.

The seminars explore good teaching practice, the foundations of classical ballet technique and lesson planning. Teachers can gain valuable CPD experience by taking part in this inspirational series of seminars.

Each seminar can be attended as a one-off event, however it is recommended that teachers experience all six seminars to gain a complete understanding of the full Inspire series.

Teachers can take the seminars in any order, however it is recommended that they be taken sequentially. A certificate of participation is provided after each seminar and on completion of the six seminars, a final certificate of completion of the Inspire programme is awarded.

Autumn Term dates 2017 - booking now open

London Seminar 3 Sunday 24 September
London Seminar 5 Sunday 24 September
London Seminar 1 Sunday 15 October
London Seminar 6 Sunday 15 October
Leeds Seminar 5 Sunday 29 October
London Seminar 2 Sunday 12 November
London Seminar 4 Sunday 12 November
Birmingham Seminar 5 Sunday 26 November

Spring term dates 2018 - available to book from mid Autumn term

Birmingham Seminar 6 Sunday 4 February
London Seminar 2 Sunday 18 February
London Seminar 3 Sunday 18 February
Leeds Seminar 6 Sunday 4 March
London Seminar 5 Sunday 18 March

Summer term dates 2018 - available to book from mid Spring term

Edinburgh Seminar 6 Sunday 29 April
London Seminar 4 Sunday 13 May
London Seminar 6 Sunday 13 May
London Seminar 1 Sunday 22 July
London Seminar 2 Monday 23 July

Course times

Registration at 9.30am

Seminar from 10am - 4.30pm  

Course fees

The fee for each seminar is £105 with a limited number of student places available at a reduced rate of £65.

Each seminar has an accompanying resource for £10. You may also purchase the Inspire folder and bag to file your resources for £10 .

Venue information

Follow the link for information on where Inspire seminars are held.