Teacher training webinars

Teacher Training Manager writing on a whiteboard, teaching students in a classroom

Our teacher training webinars are currently sold out, but we do plan to run more of them in the future.

The Royal Ballet School is offering a new series of webinars for dance teachers. Our webinars will provide invaluable insight and information surrounding all aspects of dance teaching and learning.

Our teacher training webinars provide a unique opportunity to gain advice and support from our expert staff. They also draw on the School’s heritage and knowledge as a world leader in dance training and education.

These one-hour webinars will cover a variety of informative topics. They are ideal for developing teachers’ CPD portfolio and are an excellent supplement to our Inspire series of seminars.

How are these webinars delivered?

Mark Annear, Head of Training & Access, and Karen Berry, Teacher Training Manager, launch this exciting new development with four introductory webinars.

These introductory webinars will be available at a variety of times to suit teachers worldwide.

Teachers can choose which webinars they would like to attend, creating their own programme best suited to their needs.

The webinars will be delivered via Zoom and PowerPoint presentations. The tutors will then offer advice and support in relation to the topic discussed during a question and answer session at the end of each webinar.

Our webinars are capped at 20 participants to ensure integrity and quality of service.

How to book

Follow the links below to book your place on one of our teacher training webinars.

Our webinars are divided into categories:

  • Technical and artistic aspects of dance training
  • Pedagogy and dance education

Pedagogy and dance education

Adapting teaching styles and strategies for online learning and return to studio teaching

In light of recent worldwide events it is necessary that we review our teaching and learning expectations in relation to current affairs. This session will highlight factors that teachers should consider in order to support their students’ learning and development whilst delivering online and when returning to face-face teaching.

Session aims:

  • To review our expectations of student learning
  • To consider the learning needs of students
  • To determine effective teaching styles and strategies to use for online learning and on the return to the studio
Striving for excellence: improving our effectiveness as teachers

What are the ingredients of a successful teacher? What can we do as teachers to help our students learn? This session outlines the areas of dance pedagogy that we all as teachers need to reflect upon in order to develop our practice.

Session aims:

  • To highlight areas of pedagogy in relation to the teaching of dance
  • To identify the ingredients needed for being an outstanding teacher: the five E’s
  • To reflect upon areas of teaching that may require professional development

Technical and artistic aspects of dance training

Reaching their potential: an overview of the skills required to achieve in dance

It is the integration of both nature and nurture that constitutes the elite performer. This session provides an introduction to the ingredients of successful performers and highlights possible reasons for skill fluctuation.

Session aims:

  • To categorise skill learning into three interrelated domains
  • To appreciate the range of skills within each domain
  • To appreciate the reasons for skill fluctuation
Effective motor learning for dancers: strategies for developing dance skills

As teachers we aim for our dancers not just to acquire a skill but to perform it with an increased level of proficiency, coordination, fluidity and accuracy. This session highlights teaching and learning strategies to increase effectiveness of skill learning within the studio.

Session aims:

  • To highlight the essential stages in motor learning
  • To consider the implications for the dance class
  • To discuss possible strategies: try and test

How much do the webinars cost?

Our webinars cost £20 each.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our webinars you can contact us by emailing [email protected].