Angelo De Leon

Headshot of juan angelo de leon

Angelo started training aged 10 at Ballet Manila as a Project Ballet Futures (PBF) scholar.

He has gained 1st place in the pre-competitive B, Asian Grand Prix (AGP) Manila Regionals 2019; Bronze Medal in the AGP Finals 2020 in Hong Kong; Gold (classical performance B) and Gold (group dance in the AGP Manila Regionals 2020; and silver medal (classical performance B) and Gold (group dance in the AGP finals 2020 in Hong Kong).

On being named a Royal Ballet School International Scholar, Angelo said:

‘Thank you for choosing me to become an International Scholar at The Royal Ballet School. I am very happy and it is a great honour for me to have this opportunity. I am excited to learn in the training provided by this programme.’

Lisa Macuja Elizalde, Angelo’s teacher said:

‘I am very happy and proud that Angelo De Leon has been offered such a wonderful opportunity to become an International Scholar of the Royal Ballet School. With his immense talent, dedication and commitment to hard work, I am very sure that he will progress even further in his dancing and become a professional dancer of the highest calibre in the future. As a Project Ballet Futures scholar in my school, he is one of the reasons we continue to audition and support PBF scholars. Ballet training can transform lives – one child at a time.’

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