Yudai Kumano

Headshot of International Scholar Yudai Kumano

Yudai danced at Ballet Studio 22 Classic & Contemporary in Kagoshima, Japan.

He has competed in many competitions including gaining 1st place at the NBS Junior Ballet Competition, Kagoshima, 1st place in the Japan Grand Prix, and 2nd place in the Youth America Grand Prix.

On being named a Royal Ballet School International Scholar, Yudai said:

‘Thank you for choosing me for the Royal Ballet School international scholarship program. It is a great honour for me. I am very happy. Selected for this award I think there are many things that I must make efforts. The depth of the plies the porter bra of the hand the cultivating of the toes the softness of the movement et cetera. There are too many to write I would like to make an effort until the day when I can go to White Lodge we look forward to seeing you at the White Lodge.’


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