Audition FAQs

What does an audition involve?

Students attending an audition will be met by staff of The Royal Ballet School at their selected venue, where they will register and be given their audition number. They will then be asked to prepare, before being welcomed by the Director or Head of Outreach & Teacher Training.

Students will be escorted to the audition studio by their class teacher.

The audition takes the form of a standard ballet class, appropriate to the age group auditioning. They will last roughly 90 minutes.

What do I need to prepare for an audition?

No specific preparation is necessary to audition. The audition will take the form of a standard classical ballet class and you do not need to perform a solo or bring a prepared piece.

What if I haven’t learned one of the steps in the class?

Do not worry if you are asked to perform a step with which you are unfamiliar. Students are encouraged to ask the class teacher to explain and demonstrate any unfamiliar steps. No student will be disadvantaged due to lack of knowledge about steps or terminology.

What do you look for in an audition?

The audition panel looks for students who demonstrate both potential and aspirations for a career in classical ballet, who would therefore benefit from The Royal Ballet School’s System of Training.

What should I bring to the audition?

You should come to the audition with your regular ballet clothes under your normal clothing. You must remember to bring your ballet shoes and a bottle of water, which you can take into the audition with you. As students may need to take off their shoes for some exercises, we ask that you wear flat ballet shoes with elastics rather than ribbons, and if tights are worn, convertible tights are preferred.

Can I audition at a different venue to the one I wish to attend?

You may audition for an Associate place in a different venue to the one in which you wish to attend class. You only need to attend one audition, however you can be considered for multiple venues. There is only one preliminary audition for candidates applying for both the Lower School and Associate programme.

Successful applicants for the Lower School preliminary auditions will be invited to a Final Audition at White Lodge.

If I am unsuccessful, can I audition a second time?

Students are welcome to audition again. We are aware that young dancers develop and progress in certain areas at different times, therefore no applicant is ever dissuaded from re-applying. Many students who are unsuccessful on their first attempt have gained places from later auditions,

Will I receive feedback from my audition?

Due to the very high number of audition applicants and in line with The Royal Ballet School’s Admissions Policy, we do not provide feedback on the result of an audition or Summer School selection.

When will I receive the result of an audition?

Currently all UK results are sent by letter. We aim to send out results approximately one month after the last audition.

Full-time Preliminary Auditions: February

Full-time Final Auditions: March

Mid & Senior Associates: April

Junior Associates: June

Summer School: April

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