Currently 88% of our students rely on financial support to attend the School. Your support will make a difference.

Despite funding from the Government’s Music and Dance Scheme, our students’ families can find it a considerable financial strain for their children to attend The Royal Ballet School. Currently 89% of our students rely on financial support to continue their training.

Striving to provide the very best opportunities for students to reach their full potential, The Royal Ballet School is also constantly challenged to meet the cost of staging performances, commissioning new choreography, employing guest teachers and organising overseas tours and exchanges.

These essential ingredients are pivotal to the development of the students’ careers. They are also vital for maintaining the School’s international renown and attracting the greatest talent to the art form – both nationally and internationally. The dedication of the students is unparalleled, however their success lies in the hands of generous, far-sighted individuals and companies who believe in the importance of a flourishing artistic life.

Ongoing individual and corporate sponsorship is fundamental to the continued success of The Royal Ballet School.

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