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Open to all, our one-hour Enlighten webinars give dance teachers invaluable insights, advice, inspiration and support, drawing on the School’s extensive knowledge and experience as a world leader in dance education. The webinars are perfect for developing a teacher’s CPD portfolio and an excellent supplement to our Inspire series.

The webinars cover a wide range of topics from the technical and artistic aspects of dance training and good teaching practice to business modelling and management.

‘Every single one I have attended so far has been excellent – well thought out and delivered, with plenty of food for thought and examples of how to apply in my classes and school.’

‘Informative, informal, inspiring and a brilliant reminder of how to strive towards, and maintain, excellent studio practice. Thank you!’

‘The tutor was excellent. Calm and encouraging. We covered a lot of ground. I felt inspired by the imagery she used and will be taking it into my teaching.’

Topics covered

This webinar examines ways to increase dancers’ range of motion. It will reflect upon current research and the evidence underpinning best practice and identify strategies to help teachers accommodate different stages of development and growth.


  • To consider the science behind increasing the range of motion in young dancers
  • To highlight different techniques for optimising range of motion that will take into account growth, maturation and physiology
  • To discuss effective methods of developing range of motion safely.

Tutor: Emma Porter, Training and Access Healthcare Lead

This session will look at different ways of understanding and enhancing efficient alignment using concepts and techniques used in the Franklin Method. The Franklin Method is a way of understanding and improving movement potential. This webinar will include a short practical element focusing on the spine’s mobility.


  • To explore techniques that enhance efficient alignment through proprioceptive and kinaesthetic feedback
  • To increase body awareness, which will contribute to improved balance, mobility and stability
  • To explore different types of imagery
  • To develop strategies to enhance students’ ability to focus and engage in the learning process.

Tutor: Sarah Daultry, Teacher Training Manager

This webinar provides teachers with tips and strategies to help their businesses thrive, highlighting key considerations to help ensure longevity and success.

Managing and running a dance school can be extremely rewarding but challenging. Dance teachers often receive little or no entrepreneurial training or coaching on interpreting business issues, making informed decisions, and capitalising on opportunities.

Teachers will be provided with ideas and insights from experienced teachers on balancing artistic integrity and commercial viability.

Tutor: devised by Karen Berry, Senior Teacher Training Manager

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport is particularly prevalent in aesthetic sports such as dance.

This webinar will give you:

  • an overview of RED-S, its signs and symptoms
  • an understanding of how RED-S manifests in dancers
  • practical tips for dance teachers on supporting dancers with RED-S.

Tutor: Emma Porter, Training and Access Healthcare Lead

How are Enlighten webinars delivered?

Our expert tutors deliver each webinar at various times to suit teachers worldwide. Teachers can choose which sessions they would like to attend, creating a programme best suited to their needs.

The webinars are delivered via Zoom and PowerPoint presentations. The tutors will give advice and support during a question-and-answer session at the end of each session.

Our webinars are capped at 30 participants to ensure integrity and quality of service.


Teachers from all backgrounds, from student to experienced teachers, aged 18+ years old


£30 per webinar

Current or former professional dancers can access funding for Inspire from Dancer’s Career DevelopmentCheck your eligibility here.


Booking opens 29 July 2024

Upcoming webinars 2024/25


16 October 2024

10.00 BST

The healthy dancer 2: understanding flexibility


14 November 2024

10.00 GMT

NEW Effortless alignment with the Franklin Method®


27 February 2025

10.00 GMT

NEW Maximising your dance school’s potential


25 March 2025

14.00 GMT

NEW Effortless alignment with the Franklin Method®


13 May 2025

10.00 BST

NEW The healthy dancer 3: understanding RED-S in dance


12 June 2025

14.00 BST

NEW Maximising your dance school’s potential

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our Enlighten webinars, get in touch at [email protected].

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