Dancer training

Dancer training

We train dancers full-time, part-time and during our annual Intensive Courses.

Full-time dancer training

Our full-time courses are for students aged 11-19 years. They begin for the younger students at our White Lodge campus in Richmond Park, where we run a five-year classical ballet course alongside secondary academic studies. Our three-year training programme at our Covent Garden campus is for students aged 16+ and includes academic studies for a BA degree in Classical Ballet and Dance Performance.

11-16 years old


16-19 years old

Upper school

Associate Programme

We offer part-time training for young dancers aged 8-17 who may be considering full-time training or a career in dance through our nationwide Associate Programme.

Junior associates

Intensive Courses

The Royal Ballet School’s Intensive Courses are a unique opportunity for young dancers to experience the highest levels of coaching from the School’s full-time staff and renowned international teachers. They also enable students to experience intensive dance training over an extended period of time, enabling them to determine their suitability for full-time vocational training.

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International Scholars Programme

The Royal Ballet School’s International Scholars Programme identifies exceptional talent in young ballet students who live outside of the United Kingdom.

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