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Student sponsorship

We seek the most exceptional young dancers from around the world and offer them the highest quality training so they can realise their glittering futures.

Admission to the School is needs-blind and based solely on artistic merit and potential in classical ballet. No potential student should be deterred from applying to the School, and no gifted dancer is turned away due to a lack of financial means. This can only happen with the support of generous individuals, companies and grant-making trusts.

Around 90% of our current full-time students rely on some form of financial support to attend the School. One in six comes from families with a household income of less than £15,000 per annum, and over a third from families with an income of under £40,000.

‘Supporting these aspiring young artists is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things we have ever done’

Richard and Jennie Cunis

‘I will always be grateful to my sponsors for helping me reach my full potential’

Marcelino Sambé, The Royal Ballet

How students are funded

The School provides the majority of students with means-tested support. For British students, this support is given through the UK government’s Music and Dance Scheme (MDS).

The School offers a donor-funded, means-tested bursary for international students in Year 10 and up. We aim for all students to have the same opportunities and match donor-funded bursaries to the support given by the Music and Dance Scheme. This has been more challenging since Brexit, with EU students formerly receiving UK government support now needing support from donor-funded bursaries.

Between 45 and 50 international students require bursaries annually and we must raise over £1,000,000 each year to fund student sponsorship.

The School also offers a small number of scholarships each year.

Equal Opportunities Fund

We aim for complete parity of experience for all students. As the cost of living continues to rise for all families, our Equal Opportunities Fund is essential.

Your support for this fund will make an immediate and tangible difference in students’ daily lives, buying items not covered by a student’s grant or bursary but still very much needed. These items include uniforms, ballet shoes, travel expenses, audition photographs or school trips for students to enjoy with their peers.

Associate Programme

95% of students accepted into White Lodge began their training in our Associate Programme. The costs of this programme can be difficult for some parents, particularly if they have to travel a long way to their Associate centre. As an important step to becoming a vocational student, no aspiring young dancer should be deterred from becoming an Associate, and we offer bursaries to help those who need them. The Leverhulme Trust generously supports these, but more support is needed.

How to support

We invite student sponsors to support our bursary programme by donating from £5,000 up to a full bursary. We ask for a commitment of three years where possible to support students throughout their time at the Upper School. Sponsors support a specific year group.

Being a student sponsor is deeply rewarding. You’ll receive regular updates on the students and their progress and are invited to attend ballet classes, performances and receptions as an integral part of the School community.

Please get in touch if you feel able to support the extraordinary students of The Royal Ballet School:

The Development Team

+44 (0) 20 7845 7073

[email protected]

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