Life after dance: career development becomes part of school curriculum

Students of the royal ballet school. Photo: schuhlelewis. Com


Today we announce a pioneering new partnership with Dancers’ Career Development to make the subject of career transition a formal part of our full-time students’ curriculum.

Dancers’ Career Development will work with students in the final three years of study at The Royal Ballet School (ages 16 to 19). They will be given an Introduction to Transition in Year One and in Year Two, students will participate in visits to Dancers’ Career Development beneficiaries working in diverse careers. They will have the opportunity to meet and network with current and former professional dancers, including some of Dancers’ Career Development’s 1,800 beneficiaries.

In the Graduate Year, students will learn about the practicalities of Transition and the Transition Support Services provided by Dancers’ Career Development.

Christopher Powney, Artistic Director Designate, The Royal Ballet School, said:

‘This exciting new partnership will be particularly valuable in giving students a forum to think more broadly about a future beyond their careers as dancers.

‘Dancers’ Career Development will give them the support they need to understand how the life skills they learn during their training will one day serve them in other disciplines.’

This unprecedented initiative will support dance students at a key time in their personal development. Students will be encouraged to consider a wider view of the world around them and to recognise the transferable skills they have developed through their training with us.

Tony Dyson, Chairman, Dancers’ Career Development, said:

‘We are delighted to be working with The Royal Ballet School on this pioneering new partnership. As a world leader in dancer transition, Dancers’ Career Development welcomes the opportunity to engage with the students of The Royal Ballet School, supporting the dancers of the future to be fully prepared for their performance careers and beyond.’

Kevin O’Hare, Director, The Royal Ballet, said:

‘I am delighted that The Royal Ballet School and Dancers’ Career Development are working together for the benefit of the students and their life-long careers.

The Royal Ballet is a proud supporter of Dancers’ Career Development and it is pleasing to know that both students of The Royal Ballet School and the dancers of the Company are fully supported to recognise their unique talents, skills and abilities.’

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