Dance education in transition, a symposium in munich

Dance Education in Transition, a symposium in Munich

The Ballet Academy of the Munich University of Music and Theatre and the Federal Association of Dance in Germany (Dachverband Tanz Deutchland) organised a symposium on Dance Education in Transition at the end of November. The aim of the two-day event was to promote a forward-looking reform of ballet and dance pedagogy in professional stage dance. According to Professor Lydia Grün, the President of the Munich University of Music and Theatre, ‘The combination of artistic excellence and ethical issues with the claim to focus on the holistic development of young artists into active personalities in our society is one of the central issues for which art academies worldwide must develop sustainable answers today.’

As a School, we discuss frequently and at great length—both internally and externally—how and what students learn (not just instruction), and how to equip them with the tools they need to shape their futures as healthy, resilient human beings. We were thrilled that our Artistic Director & CEO, Christopher Powney, was invited to represent our organisation as a panellist at the event, addressing data scientists, dance physicians, and other institutions keen to evaluate existing and new approaches to ensure the future of the art form we all love.

Christopher was a panellist on the ‘conclusion and highlight of the symposium’, Exchange of Ideas among International Dance Training Institutions. The session attempted to answer the high-level questions, ‘how can dance excellence not only be developed, but above all be maintained in the long term—in a physically and mentally healthy body of unique artists?’ ‘Can ultimately nothing less than a worldwide change in professional dance education be achieved together and with each other – a change that ultimately will have an effect on the professional reality itself?’

We’re grateful to the Munich University of Music and Theatre and Dachverband Tanz Deutchland for bringing together so many excellent global dance education institutions in this unique chance to share knowledge and build on our research collaboratively.