Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme selection criteria

Stage 1:

Completion of application form including written statement (300-500 words).

Selection criteria for Stage 1:

  • Minimum three years’ teaching experience in classical ballet in a recreational setting(s)
  • Ability to demonstrate that current teaching practice meets the aims and values of The Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme
  • Fluent in writing skills in English (see note below).

Stage 2:

Preparation, delivery and evaluation of a ballet class.

Prepare and deliver a 30-minute section of a ballet class for students aged between 7-9 or 10-12 in a recreational setting. The class aims, learning outcomes and associated content can be decided by the applicants, however the class must contain at least one learning activity aimed at developing students’ dance appreciation and creativity. The class is video recorded and submitted (see guidelines for how to record your class and submit.)

Applicants are required to prepare and submit a class plan to accompany the videoed class with clear aim/s and learning outcomes as well as a short reflection and evaluation report (see guidelines for how to prepare and submit your class plan.)

Selection criteria for Stage 2:

  • Demonstrate within the plan and class that there are clearly defined learning outcomes and associated content that is relevant to all learners’ needs
  • Demonstrate a range of teaching styles and strategies relevant to all students’ needs
  • Deliver a clear class structure with continuity and progression of content throughout the class
  • Provide clear communication and direction to the students
  • Provide clear physical demonstration and understanding in the use of classical ballet technique
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop students’ appreciation and creativity
  • Select and use appropriate music to support students’ learning
  • Provide effective feedback relevant to the learning outcomes and students’ needs
  • Create a safe, stimulating and engaging learning environment
  • Conduct a relevant reflection and evaluation on the teaching and learning within the class that demonstrates a clear understanding of the outcomes.

Stage 3:

Interview with programme leaders.

Selection criteria for Stage 3:

Applicants are assessed on:

  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Their ability to articulate and communicate their understanding of the programme and suitability for it
  • Their ability to communicate effectively in the English language.

Places are offered on the basis of the selection criteria above.

Note: due to the initial teacher training session being held this year in the UK, applicants will be required to demonstrate an adequate ability to understand and communicate using the English language. As a result, written and verbal communication in the application should be in English.

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