A group of students dance in a circle, smiling at each other
The big give christmas challenge 2020: thank you

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020: Thank you

Between 1-8 December, The Royal Ballet School raised a total of £52,560 (including Gift Aid) as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

During the Big Give, your donations were matched by the Big Give Champions, and some of our own supporters.

All funds raised will go straight to our Student Hardship Fund. This ensures that every student can take part in every opportunity provided at the School.

Our Student Hardship Fund helps to pay the additional costs of being a dance student – including ballet shoes, tights, travel, trips and music lessons. These are not covered by a student’s grant or bursary and can mount up through the year. 

COVID-19 has had a major impact on family livelihoods already, and will continue to do so. The financial strain faced by our parents and guardians will inevitably increase, making the Student Hardship Fund more important than ever.

Thank you to everyone who made generous donations to this special appeal!