Students studying together around the school

Upper School students have had busy terms as they get started on their Academic Enrichment Programme.

The Degree Programme and the Academic Enrichment Programme

All students joining the Upper School are enrolled on the BA Classical Ballet and Dance Performance Degree Programme. The programme is bespoke to The Royal Ballet School’s training and was written in 2017 by Gail Graves, Senior Teacher and Head of Degree Programme at the School. Students take modules in classical and contemporary dance technique and context, the healthy dancer, and repertoire and professional practice.

Alongside this, students take part in an Academic Enrichment Programme. They work towards either a full A-Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Level 3 online learning course, or high school diploma from their home country. They can also study English if they are an international student with English as an Additional Language.

Choosing subjects

A-Levels chosen by students this year include Psychology, Maths, Economics, English Literature and Sociology. For those that have opted for an EPQ, they must research a topic of their choice and produce a 5000-word essay or project, which they then present.

Students spend an hour a day studying in their degree class, and an hour studying for their Academic Enrichment Programme. They work together in study groups, and also have access to fortnightly Zoom sessions with their tutors to further enhance their learning.

Students tell us more

Students had this to say about their chosen subjects:

I am doing A-Level Psychology because I find the human mind and how social influences might affect our actions and feelings really fascinating. If I am not able to become a professional ballet dancer, my Plan B would be to become a psychologist. I have been through some rough patches and down some rocky roads myself, and would love to have the chance to help or prevent others from going through difficult times.

Maia Rose

I am studying the topic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in my Extended Project Qualification. I am really enjoying researching the topic, particularly in the way that it links to the idea of perfectionism in ballet, and it’s so interesting to learn about why and where OCD stems from. 


I am studying the English Literature course and really loving it! I have always had an affinity with words and unravelling their meaning, especially within literature. The course allows me to be curious while analysing multiple texts and I can delve deeper into the authors’ intentions! 


I like doing math because it’s very straightforward and all about following the rules. I also want to do it because if I can’t dance then I can pursue something in the science world at university and so on. I love math!