Degree course: Classical Ballet and Dance Performance


Our first ever Royal Ballet School degree programme launched in September 2017, following successful validation by the University of Roehampton. Now all students joining the Upper School are enrolled on the BA Classical Ballet and Dance Performance Degree Programme.

The programme is for three years with student progression dependent on individual talent and potential.

Students who successfully complete the required number of credits in Years 1 and 2 but who do not progress to Year 3 will be awarded a foundation degree certificate and will be able to apply to Higher Education institutions to ‘top-up’ to a full degree. Students who successfully complete all three years of study will be awarded a BA Degree.

What makes the degree special?

The Royal Ballet School’s degree programme is bespoke to our training and is set in the context of our rich heritage. To aid their study and understanding of the demanding course, students have access to the School’s sports science software Smartabase, our Special Collections archive at White Lodge as well as our online Ballet History Timeline.

Modules studied

Module Title Degree level
Classical Ballet Technique Foundation and BA
Performance Practice in Classical Ballet Foundation and BA
Contemporary Dance Technique Foundation and BA
Contemporary Context Foundation and BA
Classical Context Foundation
Healthy Dancer Foundation
Repertoire Practice BA
Performance Project BA
Professional Practice BA
Dissertation BA

Course outcomes

The degree programme contributes to creating classical ballet performers with a unique set of skills ideal for their future as a professional dancer.

The programme also allows students to explore supporting studies in dance history, health and employment.

It enables them to explore and engage in other areas of study they might consider after their professional dance careers.

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