Just wrapped — the first junior associate insight class

Just wrapped — the first Junior Associate Insight Class

Your young ballet dancer can apply to become a Junior Associate on 21 February. Our Junior Associate Programme is for students aged 8 to 10 who want to explore their passion and potential in pre-vocational classical ballet training. Based in nine centres across the UK, the course is designed to complement students’ current training, while introducing them to the world-class training offered at the School, alongside other children who have a special love for ballet.

We know that, especially for young dancers, it can be helpful to have a taster of new course so that they can meet the people who they might be learning with and build their confidence with the repertoire and exercises. We run Junior Associate Insight Classes throughout January and February so that they have chance to experience a typical class with the School before deciding whether to apply for the programme.

Our first insight day in Birmingham has just wrapped. It was so lovely to be met with such enthusiasm. All the students were fully engaged with the session and enjoyed learning new things to take away with them for their future classes. They also loved learning some of the homework exercises that Junior Associates will actually be given when they join the programme. It was wonderful to have so many students eager to answer questions and demonstrate that they were listening and trying hard to absorb the lesson and contents.

One parent said, ‘That was fantastic and even if my daughter doesn’t get a place as a Junior Associate after the auditions, that class was a wonderful experience for her!

If your young dancer missed the opportunity to attend their local in-person class, they can join us for an online Insight Class on 14 February to see if they like the programme before applying. Find out more and book a class today.