Full-time training fees

No potential student should be deterred from applying to The Royal Ballet School due to a lack of financial means.

The School aims to provide most students with means-tested support through the UK government’s Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) or a donor-funded, means-tested bursary.

About 90% of students are supported financially in some form.



White Lodge
Upper School
Day £27,209 All Upper School students are expected to board
Boarding £36,703 £32,070


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      • Fees can be either paid in full or spread in ten equal instalments from 1 September to 1 June.
      • School fees are invoiced in August, and your first payment is required on or before 1 September or the first working day in September.
      • Payments can be made via direct debit, standing order with your bank or bank transfer.

Additional costs for parents

      • Parents will need to pay for uniform and the cost of travelling to and from school each half term and exeat weekend when the School is closed. All Upper School students are supplied with a shoe allowance. The cost of uniform will range from £200 to £500.
      • At White Lodge, there are additional costs for items provided by the School during the year including any uniform, shoes, school trips, and any music lessons taken. These are invoiced to parents at the end of each term.
      • At Upper School, fees cover food and an allowance for ballet shoes. Ladies are provided with a practice tutu.A deposit of £200 is required for Upper School boarding accommodation.
      • All students are covered by the School’s healthcare trust. This is similar to private medical cover. There are no excess charges, but you may need to pay additional charges for treatment not covered by the scheme. Taxi costs to external appointments are chargeable.


Guardians for overseas students

All overseas students must have a UK guardian. There may be costs associated with guardians that parents will need to pay directly to the guardian.

Support for fees

      • The School aims to provide the majority of students with means-tested support through the UK government’s Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) or a donor funded, means-tested bursary. Around 90% of students receive some bursary support. Our donor-supported bursary scheme offers the same support as the MDS.
      • Support available will be clearly stated in the offer letter.
      • The School is pleased to offer a small number of scholarships each year. Scholarship support will be stated in the offer letter.

How do means-tested bursaries work?

Financial support through the MDS or a School bursary is based on the level of your family’s gross household income each year. Income includes everything included on a tax return plus any salary sacrifice schemes (in the UK) and taxable benefits.

      • The pension schemes where contributions need adding back are final or average salary, superannuation or salary sacrifice schemes. Any bonuses, taxable capital gains and taxable redundancy payments are also included.
      • This income includes gross taxable income, plus any maintenance payments and any salary sacrifice or pension contribution deductions.
      • An allowance of £2,156 is deducted from income for each other child or dependent. Where a dependent is attending university, allowance for accommodation costs may be claimed.
      • We will require all your financial documents to show what income you are receiving when assessing you.

Once we have calculated your relevant income, we will apply the MDS formula to give the fee amount due. The amount is called Parental Contribution. Your income will be assessed each year that your child is at the School.

Students from lower-income families that are eligible for MDS or School bursary support may also qualify for a grant towards uniform and UK travel costs.

Students may access the MDS after residing in the UK for two calendar years, starting from 1 January.

No potential student should be deterred from applying to The Royal Ballet School due to a lack of financial means. About 90% of students are supported financially in some form.

Music and Dance Scheme

The Scheme is designed to enable young, talented dancers and musicians to receive full-time education and training at a specialist school, irrespective of their parents’ financial means.

The School is pleased to offer means-tested financial support to eligible students through the UK Government’s Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) programme. Eligibility for MDS is assessed on where a student has been residing rather than nationality.

      • Those students who meet the age and residency requirements are able to access UK government funding through the Department of Education’s Music and Dance Scheme.
      • Students who have lived in the UK for two calendar years commencing 1 January and are under the age of 20 on the first day of the academic year are eligible to access means-tested financial assistance for tuition and boarding fees. UK residency is essential – simply holding a British passport does not entitle students to access this funding.
      • Overseas students may be eligible for Music and Dance Scheme grants after two calendar years at school.
      • For households on the lowest incomes, grants are also available for travel and uniform costs.

Music bursaries

Each year, there are a limited number of donor-funded music bursaries available to students. Bursaries are for one year only and are awarded based on financial need, musical ability, and commitment to lessons/practice. Please make sure you complete and submit the music bursary application form in good time to be considered for this award.

Fundraising and how to work with the press

While the majority of families are eligible for means-tested financial assistance, it can still be a struggle to pay the remainder of the School fees and other associated costs. Many parents are successful in raising funds themselves to help meet these costs.

View guidance of how to fundraise for your child and how to work with the press. Please note that the document is aimed primarily at UK families.


Contact details

If you have any queries, please email the Parent Finance Team. The team monitor enquiries daily, including during School holiday periods.

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