Year 8 boys visit strathmore school

Year 8 boys visit strathmore school

Today our Year 8 boys were invited to spend the afternoon at Strathmore School, a community special school for pupils aged between 7-19 who have severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties.

They joined Strathmore students of all ages in a range of different activities from role-play pretending to be astronauts, through to cooking and gardening.

Royal Ballet School student Elijah said, ‘We did a literacy session, looking at objects and helping Strathmore students guess what each was called. I feel really privileged to have spent time with them. Often people assume children with special needs won’t understand you but they did. One girl couldn’t speak and so was using an iPad app to talk to us and she could communicate really well.’

Royal Ballet School student Jaden said: ‘It was a really good experience and it makes you understand we are all equal no matter what our abilities. It also makes you appreciate your differences – we are all special in our own ways. They were such a positive group of people and it was great to spend time with them.’

Thank you to the staff and students of Strathmore School from our Year 8 boys for a fantastic day: