The nutcracker: one month on

The Nutcracker: one month on

For many of our students, The Nutcracker is the first time they dance on the Royal Opera House stage.

Each year, students from White Lodge and Upper School have the opportunity to perform alongside The Royal Ballet. This year there were 19 performances, as well as a live streaming of one performance to cinemas across the globe.

It has been one month since the final performance so we caught up with some of our students to find out some of their favourite moments.

Andre, Year 7 – Naughty Child and Tall Soldier

‘This was my first time performing in The Nutcracker. My favourite part of the whole ballet is at the beginning of Act II, where the Sugar Plum Fairy and Sugar Plum Prince start dancing. It is a great introduction to a new world within the ballet that we haven’t seen yet in Act I.’

Robin, Year 7 – Naughty Child, Small Soldier and Page

‘When I grow up I would love to play Drosselmeyer or The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker gets to be in the Snowflake scene and it must be so beautiful to just stand there and have the best view in the whole theatre!’

Luke, Year 8 – Fritz

‘I played Fritz this year and last year I was a Small Soldier and a Page. The first time I tried flying was definitely scary but I got used to it.’

Alexandra, Year 9 – Miss Gertrude

‘This year I played the character of Miss Gertrude. When I am older, I would love to play the Sugar Plum Fairy. I have seen so many different variations of the Sugar Plum Fairy danced by many different dancers. Each time there is something new in the performance and that’s what makes it such an exciting role.’

Ava, 1st Year – Angel

‘I remember the first time I was the Royal Opera House stage, I was trying take in the experience and the audience, but I couldn’t see far past my mouse head! In rehearsals this year, I saw all of the White Lodge students sat at the edge of the studio and it reminded me of when I was their age and thought ‘I want to be an Angel’. The next dream is to be a Snowflake, when I am in my 3rd Year, and then Clara and then the Sugar Plum Fairy!’


Scroll through our photos from backstage at the Royal Opera House below:

Backstage at the nutcracker, royal opera house