Students gather at upper school to celebrate david bintley’s career

Students gather at Upper School to celebrate David Bintley’s career

On Monday 24 June, we welcomed David Bintley CBE to the Upper School for a special farewell from students and staff as he steps down as Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Students from White Lodge and Upper School performed their own choreography as well as David’s Scottish Dances from Flowers of the Forest, which is also being performed in his honour at our Summer Performances.

Students gave a touching farewell speech, thanking him for his inspiring leadership.

They said: ‘Your influence on this generation of dancers has been so significant and your relationship with the School both as a choreographer and a Director has been vital for our development as young dancers.

‘We would like to thank you for allowing us to perform a section of your exciting and vibrant ballet Flowers of the Forest for our end-of-year performances. From all of us here at The Royal Ballet School, thank you and congratulations!’

David followed with a speech reflecting on his own time as a student at The Royal Ballet School and offered the students some words of advice.

He said: ‘I just want to say that, as I Director, I always looked for the people with energy and enthusiasm and that goes a long way and I’m sure that is the same with any Director, they’re looking for commitment and they want people who are excited by the art form. So whenever you’re struggling, just bear that in mind – keep fighting and trying and you’ll succeed.’

We wish David the very best for the next phase of his life.