Students back at school

Royal Ballet School students return to the School

Last week the School re-opened and we returned to face-to-face teaching as many of our students nationally and internationally made their way back to the School’s residences. We are hopeful this year will bring less disruption to our students’ learning and more performance opportunities, which were sadly missed in 2020.

Since mid-December, the School has been running virtual classes and we are proud to have had almost 100% engagement in both our academic and artistic lessons throughout this time. We would not have been able to do this without the commitment of our staff ensuring the smooth running of the School and the dedication of our students learning from home in 23 different countries.

We are all pleased to have students back in our studio spaces but there are still social distancing and hygiene guidelines that we all must adhere to, along with regular rapid COVID-19 tests for both students and staff.

Artistic Director Christopher Powney said:

I am delighted to see so many students back in School, in studios and classrooms and after such an incredibly challenging time working from home. Not only is it such a huge relief that they have returned and are able to again dance in studios but it is also wonderful to hear their excitement with accompanying noise and laughter in the corridors. I appreciate that not all students have been able to return immediately but we hope, by the start of the Summer term, our international students will have made the journey bringing everyone back together.

Along with the excitement of our students’ return, we are aware that some students may have feelings of anxiety about their fitness level and, perhaps, connecting socially and being away from home again. Our ballet teachers, academic teachers, pastoral and healthcare staff will continue to support them in every way they can. I continue to applaud their commitment to our students.