Students lying on the floor of the studio use blue and green resistance bands for training

Returning to training: our Healthcare Team discuss their student support strategies

During periods of school closure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our students maintained training schedules from home and attended academic classes online. However, training from home presents many challenges, and since students have returned to the School, our Healthcare Team have been guiding their transition back to full fitness.

Healthcare staff have supported students’ physical, mental and emotional needs throughout the past year, and continue to do so in this period of change as they have returned to our studios and boarding houses.

The three videos featured below outline the team’s approach.

Huw Goodwin, our Healthcare Manager, Designated Safeguarding and Mental Health Lead, speaks about the challenges students have faced and how we’re identifying students who need extra support during this time.

Matt Lamarque, our Strength and Conditioning Coach, talks about the students’ potential loss of fitness during lockdown and the ways we’re helping them to avoid injury.

Wayne Kitchener, our Physiotherapist, and Giacomo Ciriaci, our Rehabilitation Ballet Teacher, speak about the strategies they used to help students adapt to training in their homes, as well as the multidimensional approach they have taken to the students’ return to School.

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