Students stand in a studio, smiling and clapping

Students reflect on Wellbeing Week

From 10 to 14 January, the School celebrated Wellbeing Week. The theme of the week was ‘Reflect and Grow.’ This was a chance to raise awareness of all the activities and wellbeing support offered throughout the year at the School, as well as to inspire students to dedicate time to their own wellness.

Supporting our students’ wellbeing is a hugely important part of the School’s ethos. Our Healthy Dancer Programme provides onsite healthcare support throughout the year and empowers students to take charge of their wellbeing. The most important thing about any of our school’s awareness days or weeks regarding our students’ mental health is that they are used as reminders for the students alongside the work that is already happening throughout the year.

The theme ‘Reflect & Grow’

This year’s theme was chosen due to the fast-paced nature of the School and the importance of taking time to pause. The students had the chance to learn about the power of looking back and reflecting, and how this can influence positive growth in future.

Wellbeing Week activities

At White Lodge an assembly was given on ’Reflect & Grow’ and PSHE workshops were held throughout the week. As well as this daily email content was sent out in order to inspire and involve students in their own reflective journeys and growth. Available in-house services and national organisations were signposted throughout the School.

The importance of supporting our student’s mental health

White Lodge School Counsellor Ellen Hage said:

When we disregard our wellbeing or struggle with our mental health we cannot enjoy or appreciate our physical, emotional or social health. Focusing on our wellbeing has a massive influence on all parts of our life, it creates a ripple effect that is far reaching and long lasting. By teaching our students about their personal wellbeing and asking them to pay attention to their mental health it can create positive changes in their self- worth, relationships, education and their dance.