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Students awarded the E. John Busser Scholarship

We are very proud to announce that the E. John Busser Scholarship has been awarded to four of our students this year: Maia Rose Roberts, Emile Gooding, Rebecca Stewart and Chaeyeon Kang.

Supporting the next generation of dancers

The E. John Busser Scholarship was created to recognise and support dancers who demonstrate exceptional ability in dance and wish to continue their ballet studies. It aims to encourage the emerging generation of dancers in their professional development and assist in financing their tuition, supplies and other expenses.

Celebrating fifteen years

The Scholarship was founded by E. John Busser, a life-long lover and supporter of the arts and a visionary in the future of ballet. He began by awarding the Scholarship to one young ballet dancer recommended by the Director of a local ballet school.  Since then the Scholarship has grown significantly and is now awarded to dozens of dancers throughout four continents. It is currently celebrating its fifteenth year. The organisation aims to continue to expand and extend its support to young dancers across the world.

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