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The School launches new Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme

This week we launched our new Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme with three launch events. Members of the press and dance industry professionals were invited to learn the details of the programme, hear from some of the programme’s students and ambassadors, and ask questions. The events were hosted by Artistic Director Christopher Powney, Head of Training & Access, Mark Annear and Senior Teacher Training Manager, Karen Berry.

A new approach to training young dancers

The Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme is a unique recreational programme rooted in the School’s values. It takes a holistic approach to the learning of dance and is based on providing high quality training rather than focusing on student examination, offering an alternative to the training offered by many recreational dance organisations. The programme allows Affiliate teachers to conduct their own student assessments, recognising the teacher’s expertise in making informed decisions on their own students’ progress.

The programme consists of six training levels, three for primary school age students and three for secondary. Each level has an associated recommended age band, covering ages five to eighteen. Students at all levels will learn ballet technique, repertoire, choreography and appreciation. This ensures that they are able to understand and appreciate the art form as a whole.

Applications open on March 7 and will close April 1. After the three-stage application process is complete, training for the first cohort of Affiliate teachers will commence in July this year.

Changing the face of recreational training

Christopher Powney said of the programme:

‘I am truly excited to be introducing this programme, which we have been steadily building over recent years. From the outset of my directorship both Mark Annear and I have been dedicated to taking on the challenge of developing teaching and learning standards in the recreational dance sector. We are delighted that Karen Berry shared this passion and, along with Mark, have been a driving force behind this programme’s conception.

We truly believe this will change the face of recreational training, and allow us to share the wonderful work we do at The Royal Ballet School to recreational schools in the U.K. and around the world, and most importantly to the students. We can’t wait to get started.’

Find out more and apply for our Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme