A student wearing a spring intensive 2022 hoodie in a studio holding the barre

Spring Intensive 2022: your responses

Our Spring Intensive took place this year from 4-8 April. For the second year in a row, we held classes both in-person and online, and we were delighted with their successful running.

143 students attended our in-person Intensive at Upper School, with our new non-residential set-up in place. This offered more flexibility and dancers were able to choose up to five programme blocks on one or multiple days. The programme offered a wide variety of classes, including classical technique, contemporary, repertoire, pointe work, focus classes, Pilates, character and mime.

We also had 205 students participate in our Online Spring Intensive. Our online classes enable students from across the world to access and experience our Intensive courses and receive the highest level of dance training. A variety of virtual ballet, contemporary and Pilates classes were taught live by our Artistic team at White Lodge. Classes were available for both young dancers as well as adults with previous dance experience. Q&A sessions and talks were also held throughout the week, focussing on the importance of health and wellbeing and growing dancer’s bodies and minds.

Here are some of your responses to our in-person Spring Intensive:

‘It was a really insightful course as it allowed us dancers to get a feel of what the training and faculty members are like. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and hope to come back in the future!

I really enjoyed being able to dance at the studios in the heart of London and enjoy some family time visiting the Royal Opera House, sight-seeing and watching some shows.’

‘I think it was a lovely experience and a very well organised course. I learned a lot and made new friends and explored different techniques which I think are very beneficial to my growth as a dancer. The teachers were very good and made the whole experience very interesting especially with the corrections given. Now I am looking forward to the summer residential course because staying at White Lodge will make the course experience even better.’

 ‘I enjoyed the flexibility and getting to choose what you want to do and what you can afford.’

 ‘I felt as though corrections were given in a manner that made them easy to understand and apply. I was able to improve my technique, especially the details such as the use of my head. After the intensive I felt much more motivated and driven to work hard.’

 ‘The spring intensive this year was a truly magnificent experience. My favourite part was the exposure to different teachers, styles and methods of dance. I met so many talented dancers from around the world and got to see some familiar faces that I haven’t been able to see due to COVID-19. The classes were really beneficial in terms of widening my knowledge of different methods. It was really insightful to learn from different teachers and dance with such incredible pianists as I am normally not used to that. The faculty made sure that we knew where we were going and everyone was so friendly and helpful which made the atmosphere feel so welcoming.’

 ‘I had an amazing time at the Spring Intensive. One highlight for me was meeting dancers from all over the world. I really liked observing the other dancers in my classes, and I found that I learned a lot from simply watching them. I also really appreciated the focused teaching that I received. Throughout the week, my teachers helped me improve things I was struggling with, and helped me see the movements and positions from a new perspective. I learned so much in just one week, and would definitely want to return in the future!’

Here are some of your responses to our online Spring Intensive:

‘Since I live in San Diego, I was really grateful to have been able to participate in an Intensive with The Royal Ballet School and I came back feeling I had improved on my mindset and technique during the time period. I look forward to hopefully attending more Intensives like this in the future!’

‘It is great to have access to some high-quality training in the holidays without having to travel to London and stay in a hotel.’

‘It was a lovely experience. I liked that there were students to demonstrate and that the teachers were clear and gave helpful corrections. There was nice music and I also found the focus classes and extra Q&As very helpful and insightful.’

‘I had a great experience as I learned a lot and I appreciated all the corrections given to the class as certain remarks make a big difference in technique as well as artistry.’

‘Wonderful! It was very cool to experience the Royal Ballet classes and see the students and see the expectations required and their wonderful artistry!’

 ‘This was my first experience in The Royal Ballet School and it was amazing. I learned a lot of things and a lot of techniques.’

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