Solos evening 2023

Solos Evening 2023

Last Thursday 23 and Friday 24 March, students from all three years of the Upper School performed a range of solo variations from the classical repertoire at a special Solos Evening event for our donors, staff, and parents. The students had been studying these pieces for their school assessments and were thrilled to have another performance opportunity this term ahead of our Summer Performances, transforming the solos they had been practicing into a mesmeric experience for their audience.

Students danced solos from Ninette de Valois’s after Lev Ivanov’s Coppélia, Marius Petipa’s and Lev Ivanov’s Swan Lake, Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Marius Petipa’s and Carlos Acosta’s Don Quixote, and Frederick Ashton’s Cinderella and Les Patineurs.

Students danced in order; 1st Year, then 2nd Year, then Pre-professional Year. Attendees commented that it was beautiful to see their progression, from the younger students already striving for excellence, to those on the precipice of being hired into dance companies.

We send our grateful thanks to all of the sponsors, with particular thanks to the late Rosalind Dwerryhouse, who asked that her funeral collection be donated to support this event.

And, of course, to the students and staff who worked so hard to prepare for the performances.

Solos evening 2023