Alumni promotions 2023/24

Alumni promotions 2023/24

It never ceases to make us proud to hear of our alumni’s wonderful achievements. We were delighted to hear that many of our alumni have received promotions in The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Northern Ballet for the 2023/24 season.

The Royal Ballet

Mica Bradbury, Hannah Grennell, Joonhyuk Jun, Sae Maeda and Taisuke Nakao are promoted to Soloist. Hannah and Mica both trained with us at White Lodge and Upper School and Joonhyuk, Sae, and Taisuke trained at Upper School before graduating into the Company.

Bomin Kim, Nadia Mullova-Barley, Katharina Nikelski, Amelia Townsend, Yu Hang, Harris Bell, Liam Boswell, Daichi Ikarashi, Harrison Lee, and Aiden O’Brien are also promoted to First Artist.

Olivia Findlay, Scarlett Harvey, Ella Newton Severgnini, Martin Diaz and Luc Foskett from the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme are promoted to Artist. Olivia graduated from The Royal Ballet School in 2021 and Scarlett, Ella, Martin and Luc graduated in 2022.

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Gabriel Anderson, Sofia Liñares and Lucy Waine are promoted to First Artist. Gabriel and Lucy both began their training at White Lodge and Sofia joined the Upper School after studying at the Conservatorio de Danza de A Coruña.

Samara Downs is transitioning into the role of Assistant Répétiteur.

As previously announced, Lachlan Monaghan is also promoted to Principal.

English National Ballet

Julia Conway is promoted to First Soloist. She trained with us at Upper School and joined the English National Ballet in 2017.

Lorenzo Trossello is promoted to Soloist. He also began his training at Upper School and was part of the Northern Ballet before he joined the English National Ballet.

Henry Dowden is promoted to Junior Soloist. Henry was a Junior Associate with us before he trained with us at White Lodge and Upper School.

Alice Bellini, Georgia Bould, and Giorgio Garrett are promoted to First Artist.

Northern Ballet

Jonathan Hanks is promoted to Leading Soloist. He trained with us at both White Lodge and Upper School before he joined the Northern Ballet in 2016.

Harris Beatie is promoted to Coryphée. Harris was a Senior Associate with us while he trained at Danscentre in Aberdeen.

Congratulations to all our alumni who have received promotions; we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next within your careers.