The royal ballet school to appoint ceo alongside artistic director

The Royal Ballet School to appoint CEO alongside Artistic Director

The Governors of The Royal Ballet School will appoint a full-time Chief Executive Officer for the first time in the School’s history to oversee the organisation’s continued development.

This decision follows the announcement by Christopher Powney that he intends to step down as Artistic Director in July after ten years in the position. Since 2022, Mr Powney has combined his role with that of CEO.

Chair of Governors Christopher Rodrigues CBE, spoke of the changes:

Christopher’s decision to leave has given us an opportunity to review our management structure at an important point in the School’s history.

As we approach our centenary, the continued development of the School and the scope of our ambition clearly demonstrate to us that the positions of CEO and Artistic Director should be two distinct roles within our organisation for the foreseeable future.

Now that the new management structure has been decided by Governors, Mr Rodrigues will act as interim CEO with immediate effect, allowing Mr Powney to fulfil his role as Artistic Director until his departure in July. Anna Birkett will become interim Chair of Governors.

The search for the CEO has begun, and the search for the next Artistic Director will follow soon. The School is working with Will Pringle at Berwick Partners (an Odgers Berndtson company).

We believe that creating these two separate positions will strengthen our team and secure the School’s artistic and financial future.

The Royal Ballet School is a truly remarkable organisation with a great history of graduating acclaimed dancers for The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and the top-ranking ballet companies of the world. Continuing this tradition will be the responsibility of our new leaders, supported by our diligent and committed staff, our passionate supporters and partners and our exceptional students.

As Artistic Director, Christopher Powney has played a key role in the School’s expansion, cementing its position as a world leader in nurturing dance talent.

He has also developed key partnerships with other ballet companies and overseen the introduction of more than 40 initiatives designed to enhance the School’s student experience – ranging from the Healthy Dancer programme to improvements in safeguarding and greater mental health support for students.