A magical morning celebrating yasmine naghdi’s ballet besties

A magical morning celebrating Yasmine Naghdi’s Ballet Besties

Last week, we welcomed back alumna Yasmine Naghdi for the launch of her children’s book, Ballet Besties, the first instalment in a captivating series chronicling the adventures of five ballet-loving friends. This was a special event for our Junior Associate and Primary Steps students, and they got to listen to Yasmine’s story as well as ask her questions about her journey as a ballerina. Sarah Kundi, our 1st Year ladies Ballet Teacher, spoke with Yasmine about her education and career as a dancer, and how she created the book.

Yasmine’s journey in ballet began at the age of six and she shortly joined The Royal Ballet School as a Junior Associate. She honed her craft, progressing through the School from White Lodge to the Upper School. Her dedication and talent paved the way for her entry into The Royal Ballet at the age of 18, where she ascended to Principal dancer by the age of 25. Reflecting on her formative years as a Junior Associate, Yasmine reminisced fondly about the rewards of hard work and the camaraderie forged with fellow dancers:

I always loved the hard work. Those moments were always really nice. The performances I always enjoyed the most were when my parents would come and watch. The sense of teamwork with your fellow students as well was really lovely.

Yasmine naghdi signing her new book ballet besties

Offering sage advice to aspiring dancers, Yasmine emphasised the importance of nurturing one’s passion for dance and embracing the inner child within:

Don’t forget that you love it, and how it makes you feel. Be kind to yourself is the number one priority.

Driven by her passion to inspire children to explore the enchanting world of dance, Yasmine crafted Ballet Besties with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and teamwork:

I wanted all children to see themselves in these books. There’s a powerful message about the strength of teamwork. Once you have a supportive network around you, it can be truly transformative.

Echoing the themes embedded in her book, Yasmine underscored the importance of perseverance and challenging preconceived notions:

The lessons you can learn in the book are to never give up on what you feel really strongly about. Also, this book is convincing people to not have preconceived notions, that by saying the right thing and proving yourself, you can change someone’s mind about a situation.

Despite her aversion to superstitions, Yasmine humorously shared her one ritual of putting her left shoe on before her right before performances—a tradition born from a particularly auspicious show early in her career.

As Yasmine continues to inspire audiences both on and off the stage, her debut book series promises to enchant readers with its heart-warming tales of friendship, perseverance, and the transformative power of dance.