Royal Ballet School student evaluation form

Many thanks for taking part in this short survey – it should take between 15-30 minutes to complete.

Student feedback is an integral part of maintaining and developing the teaching and learning you experience at The Royal Ballet School. The aim of this survey is to gather information: to find out what is working well for you and what we can do to develop your learning experiences. All submissions are anonymous and processed by our teacher training staff.

Please be honest and open with your responses – it’s your own experiences that we want to know about, not that of your peers or friends.

Base your answers on your own experience since starting in September 2021.

Thank you.

Please refer to your classical class with your regular classical teacher to answer the following questions.
Please select the one option that applies to you.
1a) Within class I feel physically and emotionally safe and secure(Required)
2a) Within class all students are respected and valued(Required)
3a) My teacher creates a positive studio environment(Required)
4a) My teacher communicates clearly and is easy to understand(Required)
5a) My class is stimulating and exciting and I feel motivated to learn(Required)
6a) I feel confident that I will be able to improve this year(Required)
7a) My teacher drives me to improve by setting high expectations and challenging exercises(Required)
8a) I am afraid to show any technical weakness in class(Required)
9a) I feel anxious or nervous to ask any questions(Required)
10a) My teacher demonstrates their belief in my ability to achieve(Required)
11a) My teacher shows patience with me when I find things hard to understand or do(Required)
12a) I get anxious and /or upset if I can't achieve what is expected of me in class(Required)
13a) My teacher knows when I am struggling to understand or do and helps to support me(Required)
14a) My teacher's behaviour is fair and consistent with all students(Required)
15a) My teacher gives all students equal feedback(Required)
16a) During the course of a week, I am regularly asked questions and given feedback(Required)
17a) I understand the feedback given to me by my teacher(Required)
18a) When I receive feedback, my teacher also gives me stratagies of how to improve(Required)
19a) I am clear what the weekly learning outcomes are - what I am going to learn(Required)
20a) I am encouraged to regularly think and reflect on what we do in class(Required)
Questions 21-25 are optional, you may leave some or all of the boxes blank.
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