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Corporate support

As with a successful pas de deux, our corporate partnerships are bespoke, creative collaborations in which we support one another to meet mutually-agreed objectives.

Although these relationships will usually have a fundraising element at their core, additional objectives may be realised by the corporate partner, for example, networking, PR, brand enhancement, joint advertising through digital and social channels, staff motivation or entertaining clients.

Our corporate partners share our values, drive and passion, and all partnerships are built on open communication to find the most effective ways to achieve our goals.

Previous corporate partnership agreements have included a combination of:

  • Student sponsorship
  • Supporting the development of new choreographic works
  • Sponsoring a performance or piece of repertoire
  • Sponsoring our Creative Artist Programme
  • Supporting international tours or exchanges.

To discuss a bespoke corporate partnership that meets your needs, please get in touch:

The Development Team
+44 (0) 20 7845 7073
[email protected]

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