Tutus and Tights Appeal

The Royal Ballet School's Tutus and Tights Appeal is a fund set up to support the School’s wardrobe, at both White Lodge and the Upper School in Covent Garden.

Mastering a sound technique in classical ballet is essential for a young dancer and hours of training are spent perfecting this. Without the opportunity to perform, however, their training is pointless.

Without the tangible experience of performance they are not able to fully understand what it takes to turn the steps they have studied into something magical and thrilling for an audience.

The Royal Ballet School endeavours to offer students every opportunity to perfect the art of performance by encouraging them to enter School competitions, dance in a variety of productions and performances, tour internationally and create their own choreography.

They perform annually at the Royal Opera House, in the Schools Solos Evenings and in dance demonstrations as part of our educational outreach work. For all these productions an extensive wardrobe of costumes is required, with a stock of key items such as tutus, dresses, tunics, jackets, head-dresses, tights, character shoes and boots.

This is in constant need of refreshing and replenishing, as costumes become worn by repeated use and cleaning. This year there is a particular need for boys’ tunics and jackets which cost about £500 each, boys dancing trousers for White Lodge students which cost £30 and pairs of character boots which cost up to £400.

The Tutus and Tights Appeal will support the purchase of these items and the ongoing costs of refreshing and replenishing The Royal Ballet School wardrobe. Our fundraising target for 2016/17 is £10,000.

A donation of any amount to this important fund would be hugely appreciated by the School and particularly by the students. Please support the School if you can by donating online here: