More about our International Scholars Programme

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Selection for the International Scholars Programme is by special invitation only. The School’s Artistic Director will invite international students who are not training at a major international vocational school and have an outstanding potential for classical ballet. This is the only way to gain a place on the programme. There are a limited number of places on the programme available in any given academic year.

International Scholars are identified as having the potential to join the School at the time of selection. A place on the full-time programme is only offered if a Scholar continues to maintain their high standards as a dancer and meets our admissions criteria. Although the intention is for a Scholar to join the Royal Ballet School, the School cannot guarantee a full-time place in the future.


1 – The programme offers Scholars the ability to train and be seen regularly by The Royal Ballet School while living at home and training with their current dance teacher in their local community. International Scholars may attend:

  •  White Lodge during term time for one week


  • The White Lodge Spring and/or Summer Intensive Courses

2 – Tuition during term time is free of charge. Accommodation at White Lodge will be provided where possible by The Royal Ballet School. Tuition and accommodation for Intensive Courses is free of charge. All airfares and other expenses will be covered by the Scholar’s family

3 – The School will commit to following and sharing Scholars’ content on social media where appropriate/relevant

4 – While Scholars have access to the School’s training programme they also have the freedom to undertake other dance related activities

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