Sophia Heringer

Sophia heringer

Sophia started dancing at the age of two and has been dancing at Ballet and Classe in Brazil since 2014.

She is currently dancing Intermediate with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Sophia has participated in several national and  international competitions.

In 2020, she won the Royal Academy of Dance’s worldwide dance-off.

In 2021, she was a finalist in the Youth America Grand Prix and was placed first at Europe in Dance Grand Prix.

In 2022, Sophia was a finalist in the YAGP South America, as well as in the final round of Tanzolymp. She was placed first at Globl Dance Open and Top 10 at Passo de Arte Grand Prix.

In November, 2022,  Sophia was placed first in the YGP Argentina in the Classical Ballet, Top 12 in the Contemporary solo and was selected to participate in the YAGP finals 2023 as well as in the final round of Tanzolymp 2023.

She was awarded scholarships from renowned Schools such as: Alberta Ballet School, Berlin State School, Dutch National Ballet Academy, Zurich Dance Academy, Brussels International Ballet, Elmhurst Ballet School, Princess Grace Academy and Ballettschule Theatre Basel.

Sophia attended the 2021 Royal Ballet School Online Spring and Summer Intensives and the 2022 Royal Ballet School Spring and Summer Intensives.

She also attended the YAGP Summer Course in Nervi Festival in 2022 in Italy. In the YGP Argentina 2022, she was awarded a scholarship to attend the YAGP Summer Course in Nervi Festival in 2023.

Sophia was invited to join the International Scholar’s Programme by our Artistic Director, Christopher Powney, after he saw her dance at the 2021 Youth America Grand Prix Brazil.

Sophia’s classical ballet teacher Iara Moura says:

‘I feel honoured and hugely proud to see Sophia growing as a ballerina in the fulfilment of her dreams. Being a Royal Ballet School International Scholar is extremely gratifying and enriching for a young dancer. Many thanks to the School for this incredible opportunity!’

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