Student commended at writing awards

Vlada with the mayor of richmond - councillor jane boulton. Photo: emma durnfordOn Sunday, Year 7 student Vlada, was a finalist in the Young Writers’ Awards organised by artsrichmond.

Vlada’s poem, Snowflakes, was chosen from a selection submitted by our Year 7 students in December. She was among only three students in the Year 7 age range in the final.

Vlada was awarded a Highly Commended certificate and the ceremony, held at The Orange Tree Theatre in the presence of the Mayor of Richmond, was attended by students and their parents and teachers from across Richmond. Vlada’s parents also watched the ceremony with Suzanne Gunton, our Head of English and Vlada’s English teacher.

Congratulations to Vlada for this fantastic achievement. Read Vlada’s poem below.

Photo: Emma Durnford/artsrichmond











Glistening azure sapphires

Stream swiftly

Through the frosty air.

Covered in white frozen dew,

The elegant ballerinas dance.

Swivelling and spinning,

They carefully make their way down

Onto the white blanketed ground.

Every detail beautiful

Like the entwining lines of a spider web.

Every flake unique

In its own rhythm of life.

Different pattern,

Different size,

Different fall,

Different mind.

The beauty held within

As delicate as a shard of glass.