A statement from the royal ballet school

A statement from The Royal Ballet School

Like so many other organisations in the UK and around the world, we have been horrified by the murder of George Floyd, and the profoundly disturbing institutional racism it has exposed.

At The Royal Ballet School, we are committed to creating and nurturing a School community where each student and member of staff is valued equally. We are proud that admission to the School has for many years been based solely on talent and potential.  The Royal Ballet School is committed to being accessible regardless of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

However, the events of the past week have prompted us to reflect at length and we acknowledge that there is more we can do to be a School where Black and all BAME students and staff feel genuinely welcome. We will now take time to consult with our own community and external ‘critical friends’ to ensure the best possible environments for students and staff of all backgrounds.

We commit today to the following actions.

  • Review of School equality policy
  • Evaluation of School Board membership
  • An anonymous reporting system for instances of racist behaviour and micro-aggressions
  • Compulsory training for staff in unconscious bias
  • ‘Round table’ discussion events on supporting Black and all BAME students and staff
  • Diversity monitoring for the programme of invited guest speakers and choreographers

Only by open discussion, regular review and commitment will we make a lasting and meaningful impact. Education and the arts have the power to unite, inform and inspire, and we must strive to be a School that leads the way in dismantling racism in all its forms.