Participants at our summer intensive dancing at the barre in blue leotards

Summer Intensive 2021

This Summer we hosted our first hybrid Summer Intensive, offering in-person and online classes. Even though there were challenges due to the pandemic, the School successfully hosted 432 participants in-person and 591 participants online.

We were delighted to welcome a great number of international students at both White Lodge and Upper School. Participants joined us from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and across Europe.

This year’s Summer Intensive featured a range of classes: pas de deux, repertoire, classical, contemporary, character, mime, pointe and Pilates classes. Students at Upper School had the opportunity to create their own choreography with our Choreographic Course Coordinator, Mikaela Polley and the students were also taught by a series of guest teachers including Royal Ballet dancers Alexander Campbell, William Bracewell and Téo Dubreuil and contemporary performer Jordan James Bridge.

Here are some of your responses to our in-person Summer Intensive 2021:

‘Whenever I felt homesick or sad I knew I could talk to the staff anytime. They made sure we knew they were there to keep us safe, happy, and having a great experience. That was so nice because this was my first ever summer intensive and my first-time boarding. Honestly, the staff were the kindest most supportive people. Everyone was so awesome.’

‘The house parents were very caring and always there to help with any problems.’

‘I took great pleasure in all the classes. In particular the pas de deux class, because I had never done that before. The teachers were amazing and were putting a lot of attention on answering questions. The food was very good and the lodging very comfortable. I really loved the Summer Intensive.’

‘I really enjoyed meeting new friends who loved dance… it was a privilege to dance in your studios. After the Summer Intensive, I felt more confident and felt my technique had improved.’

‘I loved having the opportunity to study in the beautiful studios at White Lodge and experience what life is like there as a boarder. The ballet classes were really enjoyable and I especially loved working towards and performing for the demonstration filming. Street dancing was a really fun, contrasting class and I wish we could have had more.’

‘This was my first time boarding and I was incredibly nervous, but it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I loved the camaraderie with the other dancers, the teachers, and the facilities. I feel like I grew as an artist. I didn’t want it to end.’

‘I think that having a performance at the end and preparing for it was really a growing experience, and I learned a lot from it.’

‘I had so much fun learning new material and making friends! It was such a warm and welcoming atmosphere with very nice teachers and staff. I learned so much in those two weeks and it was an unforgettable experience.’

‘The Summer Intensive was really fun, the accommodations where good and the food was amazing. In the classes I was able to learn lots about technique and discipline. The studios where also great and we all had enough space to train and practice. I learned so much!’

Here are some of your responses to our Online Summer Intensive 2021:

‘I loved taking part in the classes and it was lovely having the older dancers to follow. I would definitely like to dance in more classes as I learned a lot and they were fun. Thank you.’

‘It was a great experience for me and I think I understood a lot of things more clearly. I was also thankful that I was able to receive tips at the end of each classes on things that I always found difficult. It was also really nice to have a pianist as I never had one before.’

‘It was truly an honour to be a part of this programme. Being a student in Colorado (USA), it is not easy to go to The Royal Ballet School in person, so this was amazing! I feel like I learned so much and hope to participate in more Intensives.’

‘I loved the course. The teachers were so helpful and I felt as though I improved so much over the week.’

‘It was amazing! I have never taken the Online Summer Intensive before and it was amazing!’

‘It was so terrific to experience class with extraordinary teachers again (I live in a rural area), and to have the supplementary training videos; I am practically glued to them. The Pilates classes were excellent as they focused on what a dancer would need.’

‘It was so good having the opportunity of taking classes with The Royal Ballet School from my home even if the time was different. I enjoyed it so much and it was planned really well with great production and it was really easy to understand each of the classes.’

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