Students at a barbeque celebrating the queen's platinum jubilee

Jubilee celebrations

Over the past few weeks, our students and staff have been celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with students taking part in various exciting activities at the School in tribute to our Patron.

Artistic creations

Year 10 student Azusa Tanaka worked hard producing a stunning drawing inspired by a photograph of The Queen Mother holding The Queen as a baby on the outside steps of White Lodge. The photograph is part of the Royal Collections and hangs in the Salon. Azusa’s drawing will be sent to The Queen as a card from all of the students at The Royal Ballet School to congratulate her on her 70-year reign.

Azusa tanaka holding her artwork of the queen and the queen mother

Students also crafted crowns, festive hats and bunting which was hung in the boarding houses at White Lodge.

Marking seven decades

Students at White Lodge participated in a Jubilee Pageant competition. They were divided into seven groups, each representing a different decade from the 1950s to our current decade. Each group was set the task of creating a short video to capture their designated time period and they were all given a few hours to complete research, design costumes and choreograph a dance for their films. There was some brilliant work produced by our students and the winning piece was from our 1990s group who created a fantastic re-enactment of Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time music video.

Students recreating britney spears' baby one more time music video

Jubilee parties

A barbeque and dinner were hosted for our Upper School students to celebrate the Jubilee. There was a variety of Jubilee themed foods prepared for both events including a Union Jack cake and an Official Jubilee Trifle. We decorated the boarding houses and students entered the spirit of the festivities by wearing red, white and blue. They enjoyed competitions, sports activities and quizzes. There was also plenty of singing and dancing as part of the evening entertainment.