Students stand in front of the barre, smiling and clapping

New one-day Intensive Courses in Leeds, London and Manchester this autumn

We’re excited to be introducing a series of new one-day Intensive Courses this October, taking place in Leeds, Manchester and London. The courses will take place at Debut Studios in Stockport and Yorkshire Dance Centre in Leeds on 24 and 25 October, and at The Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London, from 24 and 28 October.

The courses are suitable for dancers aged 11 to 14. Each one-day course is tailored to its specific age group and will cover either the foundations of ballet technique, artistry in the classical art form, or applying body awareness to ballet. Each day includes warm-up and body conditioning, a ballet class and a focus class, and time to cool down and reflect on the day’s learning.

Mark Annear, Head of Training and Access for the School, says:

We’re thrilled to be offering these one-day Intensive Courses in Leeds and Manchester this year as well at our London site. We’re always looking to extend opportunities for passionate young dance students to enjoy training with us closer to their homes. These courses not only cover the essential elements of classical ballet technique but will also grow dancers’ understanding of how they can enhance and elevate their dancing to the next level using the concepts of body awareness and artistry.

Welcoming Paul Kay to the School

The advent of these new Intensive Courses coincides with the return to the School of former Royal Ballet Soloist Paul Kay, who is taking up the post of Artistic Manager, Intensive Courses and Auditions (UK). Paul has a long association with the School, having been an Associate and then full-time student who graduated into The Royal Ballet in 2003. He was promoted to First Artist in 2005 and Soloist in 2008, dancing a wide variety of roles and working with a range of illustrious choreographers. Paul has also been studying for The Royal Ballet School’s Diploma of Dance Teaching, graduating this year.

Paul said of his appointment:

I feel incredibly grateful to be returning to the School and my roots – it feels like I have come full circle and home! I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to make a positive impact on every student, whether it be during an Intensive Course, workshop or audition. The School really is a centre of excellence, not just in ballet but in nurturing and guiding the next generation of students, and I relish the opportunity to radiate those exceptional standards through the Intensive Courses and auditions programmes.

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