Dame ninette de valois emerging choreographer presentation 2023

Dame Ninette de Valois Emerging Choreographer presentation 2023

On Thursday 30 and Friday 31 March our Ninette de Valois Emerging Choreographer performances took place at White Lodge. These performances are a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their choreographic creations to an audience.

Twelve student choreographers presented their own devised pieces, set to music selected by the students themselves. Their creations were danced by their peers in Years 7, 8 and 9. Building up to the performances, the young choreographers were able to give their input into the costume, set, and lighting design, giving them a practical introduction in staging their own work.

Dame Monica Mason, Amanda Britton, and Andrew McNicol were this year’s panel of experts and attended Thursday’s performance. They provided each young choreographer with insightful feedback afterwards which will undoubtedly be useful to them in their choreographic journeys.

The School has always encouraged students to develop their own ideas and fuel their creativity and continues to do so through its choreographic programmes. When Dame Ninette de Valois founded the Academy of Choreographic Art in 1926, she recognised the need to nurture young choreographic talent. Named after our founder, the Ninette de Valois Emerging Choreographer programme celebrates the choreographic expression and curiosity in our students every year.

A huge thank you to our panel, to our generous supporters, and to all the staff and students who have worked diligently in preparation for these performances.