The Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme

Affiliate training and assessment programme

Train to be an Affiliate Teacher

Our Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme extends The Royal Ballet School’s System of Training to recreational dance teachers, driving forward the standard of recreational dance training and keeping pace with the changing needs of the art form.

The innovative programme offers an alternative to the current model of examination study offered by recreational dance organisations. The programme is based on providing high quality training, not on student examination. Affiliate Teachers are empowered with the responsibility for guiding and assessing their own students’ learning, and have autonomy in their approach, providing ongoing professional development and greater creative and career satisfaction.

The programme takes a uniquely holistic approach to the learning of dance. Alongside performance skills, students learn about the art form as a whole, including repertoire, choreography and appreciation.

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The innovative programme offers an alternative to the current model of examination study offered by recreational dance organisations for two reasons:

1. The programme is based on providing high quality training and not on student examination. Student progress is benchmarked through assessment material devised by teachers for their own students, not a pre-set syllabus, and is moderated through video submission to The Royal Ballet School against specific criteria and guidelines

2. The programme offers a holistic approach to the learning of dance. As well as performance skills, students will learn about the art form as a whole: repertoire, choreography, and appreciation. This will enable students to understand the language of dance through relating what they learn to the diversity of the art from past and current repertoire.

The programme consists of six training levels, three for primary school age students and three for secondary. Each level has an associated recommended age band, covering ages five to eighteen.

For students who demonstrate aptitude and commitment, there are three additional enhanced levels offered at secondary school age.

Selected candidates participate in an initial training programme for Levels 1-3 in July (one day online and five days onsite), followed by an additional five days of online training. Once completed, candidates are awarded probationary affiliate status.

Following this, Provisional Affiliate Teachers implement the training programme in their school from September to December and submit a videoed sample lesson which is assessed. Successful candidates are awarded affiliate status and continue with the delivery of the programme. For those that do not attain the required standard, additional training is provided before repeating the provisional status and the assessment process.

Please see our Affiliate Teacher process diagram for more information.

Teachers who successfully satisfy the training criteria, including implementing the training programme in their own schools, will become an ‘Affiliate Teacher of The Royal Ballet School’. Only teachers who complete their training at The Royal Ballet School are permitted to deliver and advertise the Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme in their schools.

To maintain affiliate status teachers must:

  • pay an annual membership fee
  • submit a current DBS, safeguarding policies and relevant insurance and legal certificates annually
  • submit students for assessment at least once every two years
  • attend three days of CPD training per year provided by The Royal Ballet School
  • maintain the appropriate standard of Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme delivery.

Teachers who do not attain or maintain affiliate status will need to undertake a refresher course within six months and will have a maximum period of two years to achieve affiliate status.

Yes, Affiliate Teachers will receive ongoing support throughout each year in terms of CPD, assessment moderation, monitoring and general support with delivery.

Programme content is based on The Royal Ballet School’s Model for Optimal Dance Training. Each level will contain both movement and contextual studies to provide a holistic approach to training. Movement studies will include areas such as foundation movement skills, generic movement skills, qualitative movement skills and ballet technique and vocabulary. Contextual studies will include the study of repertoire, choreography, creative tasks, and art form appreciation.

Students are assessed by their teacher against criteria set by The Royal Ballet School. Teachers create and teach assessment material appropriate to each level at any time throughout the year once students have completed the minimum training hours. Assessments are conducted by the Affiliate Teacher and video recorded within the students’ dance school. They are then submitted via a secure platform to The Royal Ballet School for moderation.

Teachers are given guidance with on-going monitoring and moderation of their students’ assessment results.

The Affiliate Programme provides a way of learning for students that will enable them to do well in many situations including examinations for other organisations.  Teachers may therefore choose for their students to continue to undertake syllabi examinations as a companion to the Affiliate Programme.

Course dates 2022

Sunday 3 July – Online Introductory Webinar

Wednesday 27 to Sunday 31 July – Onsite Course for Levels 1-3

September to December 2022 – Trial Implementation period to include 1 day online training

December 2022 – Teaching Evaluation

February to June 2023 (4 days online) – Additional online training for qualified Affiliate Teachers

Please see our Affiliate Teacher process diagram for more information.


On-site training takes place in London

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Course fees

The table below outlines all costs involved for Affiliate Teachers.

Application, Training and Registration Introductory offer for 2022
Three-Stage Application Process £65
Initial Training for Levels 1-3 (Online introductory webinar, 5 days onsite training, 1 day preparation for evaluation, video teacher evaluation) £1200*
Registration £250
Further Training for Levels 1-3 (4 days) £800*
Total £2315
Optional Levels
Training for Levels 4-6 £1500
Training for Levels 4-6 Enhancement Programme £1500
Ongoing Annual Costs after Year 1
Annual Membership Fee including 3 days CPD, access to video on demand materials, ongoing support £550

*Training fees are paid in two instalments

Affiliate training and assessment programme


Applications are now closed.

Application fee: introductory offer of £65 (usually £80)

1st stage: application review results will be sent from 14 April 2022
2nd stage: deadline for submission of teaching videos is 11am, 13 May 2022. Results are sent from 20 May
3rd stage: interview with course leaders week commencing 30 May 2022

To apply to train as an Affiliate Teacher, candidates will normally have a recognised dance teaching qualification and a minimum of three years’ experience as a ballet teacher, or be a graduate of The Royal Ballet School teacher training programmes. In addition, the programme will suit teachers who value innovation, versatility and diversity; who appreciate the need for highly-trained teachers with pedagogical study implicit in training; and who prioritise the need for a holistic dance training. 

There is a 3-stage process for applications, including: an application form; the submission of a recording of the teacher teaching an age appropriate ballet class; and an interview with the programme leaders.

Applications open in March each year for initial on and off-site training in July and programme implementation in your school in September.

Our team will select candidates who have demonstrated personal attributes required for ballet teaching including:

  • appropriate personal presentation
  • personal and professional integrity
  • analytical skills in relation to ballet technique, musicality and artistry
  • the ability to, or the capacity to learn to, visually recognise areas of improvement for individual dancers
  • appropriate communication skills for working with young people and colleagues
  • the desire to work with young people in order to foster their talent for classical ballet
  • organisational skills
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • a current Disclosure and Disbarring Service (DBS) check.

In addition, our team will be looking for teachers who value:

  • Innovation
  • Versatility and diversity
  • The need for highly trained teachers, with pedagogical study implicit in training
  • The need for a holistic dance training.
Affiliate training and assessment programme


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