Posted on 20th July 2018

The Royal Ballet School expands its search for talent

Audition opportunities and competitions 2018/19

The Royal Ballet School is excited to announce that it is expanding its audition opportunities in 2018/19 at a series of intensive courses and auditions around the world. The School will also continue to recruit students at selected competitions that align with our own teaching ethics, best practices and that we consider to have healthy and age-appropriate criteria, such as the Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland.

We want aspiring young dancers, whose dream is to come to The Royal Ballet School, to have the opportunity to present their talent and potential. As one of the best ballet schools in the world, we want to promote the very highest standards so that parents and teachers can feel safe entrusting their children with us.

What have we done so far?

In 2018, for the first time, The Royal Ballet School delivered a one-week Spring Intensive and audition in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. This enabled us to meet students from all over Asia and Australasia. At the same time, we increased our London-based intensives with a further week-long residential programme at White Lodge during the Easter holidays, including auditions.

We have expanded our annual Summer Intensives in London from two weeks to four weeks, which also include the opportunity for students to audition for a full-time place at the School. In the first two weeks, students are taught by Royal Ballet School teachers and in the last two weeks by a line-up of Royal Ballet alumni and renowned international teachers. This year, the faculty includes Darcey Bussell, Viviana Durante, Sarah Lamb, Irek Mukhamedov and Alexander Campbell to name but a few.

Our message to applicants

We encourage young dancers from the UK and around the world to sample a taste of what The Royal Ballet School has to offer and to come along and audition. Our doors are open and we look forward to welcoming you.

Audition opportunities and competitions 2018/19


Venue Dates 
IB Stage, Barcelona, Spain. Contact for details 3 November 2018
Associazione Europea Danza, Livorno, Italy 25 November 2018
Brindisi, Italy (venue tbc) 27 November 2018
Prelim auditions UK - various dates and venues January 2019
America (dates and venues tbc) January 2019
Japan - masterclasses and auditions (dates and venues tbc) February 2019
Final UK auditions - various dates and venues February/March 2019
Junior Associate auditions, UK - various dates and venues April/May 2019
Prague, Czech Republic (date and venue tbc) Tbc


Intensives with auditions

Venue Dates 
Spring Intensives with auditions - Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and The Royal Ballet School, London, UK (dates tbc - check our website for details) April 2019
Summer Intensives with auditions - London, UK
Check our website for details
15 July- 8 August 2019
Autumn Intensive with auditions - America (dates and venues tbc) October 2019


Competitions we are attending*

Please keep checking this page for new dates added. Our list will be updated as and when new opportunities are confirmed

Venue Dates 
IBStage Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain CONFIRMED 2-4 November 2018
Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland CONFIRMED February 2019

*The Royal Ballet School will not be attending the Youth America Grand Prix this year

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