Royal ballet school international scholar joins the school
Royal ballet school international scholar joins the school

Royal Ballet School International Scholar joins the School

Just a year after being selected as a Royal Ballet School International Scholar, 13-year-old Takumi Miyake has taken up a place at The Royal Ballet School. He is the first student from our new International Scholars Programme to be offered a place to train at the School.

The Japanese student started at White Lodge in Year 10 in September this year after being offered a full-time place by the School’s Artistic Director Christopher Powney.

Takumi said: ‘I was so happy to be offered a place to train here after becoming an Royal Ballet School International Scholar. I am really enjoying it and I have made lots of new friends.’

Christopher Powney, Artistic Director of The Royal Ballet School, said: ‘Takumi is a talented young man with a clear passion for ballet and it is fantastic he has now joined us at White Lodge. Our International Scholars Programme is a great way for us to honour gifted young people like Takumi who may one day be ready to train at The Royal Ballet School.’

What is the International Scholars Programme?

The Royal Ballet School’s International Scholars Programme identifies exceptional talent in young ballet students who live outside the United Kingdom. This exclusive programme offers a very select number of gifted students, aged 11 to 15 years, a range of special opportunities with The Royal Ballet School. This honorary award recognises that some children are not ready to live abroad, or do not have the means to do so, and acknowledges their ability by providing unique access to the School. Not only are they invited for selected weeks to train in The Royal Ballet School System of Training at White Lodge in Richmond Park, International Scholars are ambassadors, representing The Royal Ballet School internationally.

Scholars are dancers who, at the time of selection, are seen as having the potential to join the School. However, a place on the full-time programme will only be offered in future if a Scholar continues to maintain their high standards as a dancer and meets our admissions criteria. Although the intention is for a Scholar to join the Royal Ballet School the School cannot guarantee a full-time place in the future.

About Takumi

Takumi began dancing at the age of three and started his training at Kondo Ballet under the direction of his mother, Kurumi Mukai. From the age of eight, Takumi’s natural talent became apparent and was especially recognised when he danced the main role in Kondo Ballet’s production of Peter and the Wolf.

Since 2013, Takumi has won 1st Place and Gold Medals in most of the well-known Japanese ballet competitions, including the NBA Ballet Competition, the Kawasaki Ballet Competition and both the Nippon and International Ballet Competitions held in Nagoya.

In 2016, Takumi was delighted to win both the Junior Classical and Contemporary Divisions of the Youth America Grand Prix, semi-finals in Osaka, Japan.


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  1. Fonda Hernandez

    I would like to have my 11 years old daughter to join your famous ballet school but can’t afford. We are from USA. How can I register her to be observed to see if she would be qualified for some type of scholarship/funding Assitance. Do you work together with ballet school we can attend in United State for audition, or can we have her to join with certain ballet school for a few months to observe that she has the potential can be an assist for your school. Thank you.
    Warm Regards….. Fonda Hernandez

    1. Annalise Cunild

      Hi Fonda, thanks for your message. You can email our finance team to find out what assistance might be available should your daughter wish to apply to the School before she is 16: [email protected]. Otherwise I would suggest you make an application via our audition application form and select the ‘video audition’ option and your daughter would then submit her audition via video, and not need to travel to the UK for auditions.

    1. Annalise Cunild

      Hi there – students are selected for the programme by special invitation of the Artistic Director. It is for international students who are not currently training at a major international vocational school and are identified as having outstanding potential for classical ballet. You can find out more about the selection process on our International Scholars page.

  2. This is really wonderfull to be able to take this full schollarship but what with parents who cann’t afford this education ? Warm Regards , Patrick

    1. Annalise Cunild

      Hi Patrick, we are able to offer funding for international students aged 16+ and for younger students in exceptional circumstances. UK students can benefit from government funding through the Music and Dance Scheme. 90% of our current students rely on financial support to attend the School. You can read more about the support we offer with fees in our Fees section.

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